How to Get Ticket for Taj Mahal

Buy Tickets for Taj Mahal Online

  • TajMahal tickets can be purchased on the official website, or
  • The city of Agra is included under the ‘city’ heading.
  • Select the TajMahal from the monument’s column to the right of the drop-down menu.
  • If you simply want to see the mausoleum, choose the TajMahal; otherwise, choose the TajMahal with the mausoleum.
  • Booking tickets can be done by selecting a date and time and clicking on the arrow.
  • Finally, specify the number of tickets you wish to purchase and your nationality.
  • After that, enter your e-mail address and proceed to pay.
  • To complete your ticket purchase, you’ll need to select a payment method.

TajMahal Offline Ticket Outlets

  • Next to SaheliBurj, you can purchase TajMahal tickets at the Western Gate. Timing: 1 hour before sunrise to 45 minutes before sunset.
  • Ticket sales for the TajMahal take place at the Eastern Gate. Before sunrise to 45 minutes before sunset (one hour and 45 minutes).
  • The southern gate of the TajMahal is currently closed. It is only allowed to exit.

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